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SizeDoctor, which is the outcome of 5 years’ R&D, is the world’s first medical equipment for enhancing or treating penis enlargement, glans augmentation, premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, penile rigidity by adopting the advantages of physical tractive force and negative pressure (vacuum pressure). SizeDoctor is the only device that can solve men’s complex through a non-surgical procedure, and a scientific exercise and medical device for men developed out of the company’s business philosophy. The product is protected by a registered patent as the only product in the world, and guarantees outstanding effects and safety without side effects.

SizeDoctor is a medical device that solves men’s complex by facilitating blood circulation and cell proliferation through stimulating the tissue, nerves and blood vessel of the penis by applying physical tractive force and negative pressure (vacuum pressure) to the penis. Moreover, like people should do exercise through life for healthy body, this device should be used through life for healthy penis and sexual function. Once one has used it for a specific period, he can maintain his sexual function healthy just with 2-3 uses of the device a week.

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